Getting Here

Basic Map


This is one of the first maps we drew up to help our customers find us out here at Dess.  It's pretty basic but has all the essentials it needs for anyone with any map reading skills at all to find us. 

There are several routes you can use and by far the easiest is from Aberdeen itself. The toughest is coming up from the south over Cairn O' Mount or via Stonehaven. Whichever way you have to come and by whatever method, the panels on this page should help you find your way here.


Google Us


Google Maps is another source we often point our visitors to that may help them find their way to the park. Click or Tap the image or button below to go to google maps.

Using google maps can be quite daunting for the uninitiated but, there are plenty of us that know the way well so call if you are having trouble.

Google Map

Sans Sat-Nav


Without Sat-Nav, the easiest route is via North Deeside Road

From Aberdeen: Follw Great Western Road wich will become North Deeside Road as you progress, until about one mile after Kincardine O'Neil. As you leave Kincardine O'Neil you will head into a set of S-bends after which you will come out onto a long straight. Take the first turn off to the right on that straight and you'll find us about a mile up. It's quite a drive and should take about 40 minutes.

Need more directions?



Which ever way you come or by whatever method you choose to travel, if you run into this beast (we mean the tank!) then you have arrived at Deeside Activity Park.  We are just accross the tar-mac.  Stop in past and have some coffee or stay and have some fun.