Kart Racers on track

Purpose built for some hair-raising fun, our kart track is an outdoor one and we use it all year round. Right beside it stands the Petrolhead Pavilion, our pit-side timing centre, garage and workshop. You'll get a helmet, some paper overalls (if it's wet and you're ill prepared!), some instruction (they're easy!) and a couple of practice laps later you are racing your mates in the DAP Grand Prix.



Quad trekker in the muddy water hole

By far the most fun to be had is on our quads. Wet or dry, rain or snow. be prepared for mud, grass and lots of puddle water. You get a helmet, some paper overalls (if it's wet and you haven't come prepared) and after some instruction and a preliminary safety briefing it's off to the woods for some follow-the-leader. If you dare! ha ha.


4x4 Driving

Commander / Landrover on steep terrain

Anyone can drive a Defender or Commander right?

Not the way we do it they can't! We blindfold the driver and let their mates guide them into or out of oblivion depending how good they are as a team.  We can even add that little bit more excitement and confusion by adding opposite steer.  That should make for fun on the see-saw!


Digger Manoeuvres

Instructor helping student with digger manoeuvres

Did you know... there's more than one way to dig a hole? One way is to use a spade, The other is using a bucket and that's a whole (ptp) other game of shovels. With the help and guidance of one of our trained instructors you too can learn the basics of a digger.  It's okay, we won't blindfold you and, sorry we don't do half-holes here at DAP, only whole holes.



Learning to Fly-Fish

Be it on our own loch (lake) or on the bonnie river Dee nearby, Fishing can be very satisfying. Learning to fish is the hardest bit but it mostly involves some casting and lots of waiting.  Our instructors can teach you to prepare, bait, cast, and land. not to mention various other fishy things.  Come along and learn a new and relaxing hobby.



Archers Target

Deeside Activity Park prides itself on having the largest range of target sports available in one place in Scotland. Archery, Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rifle Range. and Crossbows.  You'll get some preliminary training, a safety briefing and then it's your shottie. (ptp)

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Map and Compass

If you like a good walk in the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire, then come along and pick-up one of our orienteering maps.
We have a short course for the youngsters and those looking for a gentle stroll, and a longer course for the fit and keen among you.

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