Archery & Crossbow


Young woman lining up archery shot in front of target

Ahh! the good old trusty bow. Weapon of choice for those who want to remain silent. Our range is the only automated range in Scotland. It is situated outside but you get to prepare and release in our specially built shelter. Your instructor will take you through the use of the equipment, guide you in the specifics of handling and safety and then allow you some time to perfect your shot


Clay Pigeon Shooting




If you would like more practice or even if you’re a total beginner Deeside Activity Park is the place to come for Clay Pigeon Shooting


We have an excellent choice of shooting traps to suit all ability levels whether you are a total beginner or a serious shooter out to polish up on your skills.  Your Instructor will make quick judgements on the ability of each clay pigeon shooter and endeavour to get all shooters to hit as many clays ( birds ) as possible with their expert instruction.  We can make all of our stands more challenging depending on skill and are proud to have given instruction to some of the best shots in the country.

Costs are from £55 per person for one hour instruction, we provide ear plugs and eye safety glasses and Gun.


Ladies, how about joining our Ladies Shooting Club, the Deeside Darlings ?  Just contact Cilla on for more information.


The following Golden Rules apply:
1. The most important rule of gun handling – you should never point a gun, loaded or unloaded, in an unsafe direction.
2. The safe conduct of shotgun shooting must meet the standards described in this code, show respect for the countryside, due regard to health and safety and consideration for others.
3. When passing a gun to someone it must always be proved empty; that is open, empty and passed stock first so that the empty chambers are visible.
4. Remember – ignorance of the law is no excuse. If in doubt, always ask.



Above all, safety is the most important consideration. Always be aware of the direction in which the muzzle of your shotgun is pointing and never point it in an unsafe direction. Whenever you shoot, you should know where the shot will fall before you pull the trigger.

Follow these simple directions to be safe:

Carrying a shotgun in a slip
To prevent a shotgun falling out, if your slip fastening should fail, keep it with the barrels down and stock up when slung over your shoulder. A shotgun should be opened before removing it from the slip to check that it is unloaded. Do not touch the trigger even at this stage. Your next action should always be to check that the barrels are clear while pointing the gun in a safe direction. Don’t point the muzzle end of the slip at anyone.

Remember, a shotgun should always be considered loaded until proven empty and even then, still handled as if it were loaded.

On replacing the shotgun in to a slip, you should check that the gun is unloaded, insert the barrels first before closing the gun and then fastening the slip.



Axe Throwing


Young man preparing too throw axe at log section target

Axe throwing is a fine form of art and in times of serious conflict a very handy skill. Our instructors will brief you on all the safety aspects involved (we've risk assessed it to death and found nothing!), give you some demonstrations and then invite you to try for yourself. Groups are welcome and we suggest you come prepared with outdoor clothes and some sturdy footwear.