Archery & Crossbow

Young woman lining up archery shot in front of target

Ahh! the good old trusty bow. Weapon of choice for those who want to remain silent. Our range is the only automated range in Scotland. It is situated outside but you get to prepare and release in our specially built shelter. Your instructor will take you through the use of the equipment, guide you in the specifics of handling and safety and then allow you some time to perfect your shot


Clay Pigeons


Clay pigeon shooting is one of our most popular activities.  Your group will be trekking across fields or moorland so good footwear and outdoor clothing is essential.  You'll be given a safety briefing, some ear defenders and safety glasses and then shown how to handle the gun on a one-to-one basis before you are then allowed to try for yourself. If your group already has past experience we can organise a shoot competition for you.


Axe Throwing

Young man preparing too throw axe at log section target

Axe throwing is a fine form of art and in times of serious conflict a very handy skill. Our instructors will brief you on all the safety aspects involved (we've risk assessed it to death and found nothing!), give you some demonstrations and then invite you to try for yourself. Groups are welcome and we suggest you come prepared with outdoor clothes and some sturdy footwear.