Welcome to Deeside Activity Park, Aberdeenshire's premier outdoor field and sport activity centre.  Here in Royal Deeside we offer the most Scottish of hospitality and everyone is welcome to come and visit us, check out the facilities and to see what we do here.  So whether you're meeting up with friends or family for coffee and some home baked cakes or here for one of our Famous weekly Cairnton Aberdeen Angus events or taking part in one or more our activities we feel sure you'll have an awesome time.


We are licensed and open in all 7 days a week, 9am till 5pm.


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Solar Pv

ET solar pv panels

On our roof you'll notice a large area dedicated to capturing the sun's rays and converting them to electricity.  23.5 kwh are generated on a good day. 




Harnessing the power of the wind is another way we help the environment.  Cairnton farm has its own XXkwh wind turbine whizzing round most of the year.




The park itself uses its very own biomass (wood pellet) boiler for all of its heating needs. We're all about saving the environment from too much CO2.




Keeping all of our lighting and electrical equipment in the greener area of the energy charts is another way we help the environment.


Rainwater Collection


We collect as much rainwater as we can to fill the water bowsers so we have plenty to clean the equipment and water the animals. 


Food miles


By buying our fruit and vegetables as-well-as our meats poultry and other produce locally, we keep the food-miles down to a minimum.


Other Eco Efforts



Our recycling is done in cooperation with the local council and we have set aside an area of car park to recycling bins that the public can use at any time. We also have several recycling bins positioned around the premises.