Meet, Greet, & Party

Meet Your Friends



Whether they are local or newly flown in from abroad. Arrange to meet your friends at deeside activity park.  Stay for coffee or some lunch, take in the fresh air, relax and have some fun.   You could meet up at our Sunday Carvery or book a space especially. We will take care of the rest.

Greet your prospects

We bet that your prospective clients are as important to you as ours are to us, so why not make a great impression during your product launch or prototype demonstration and greet your prospects in a friendly relaxed environment before getting down to business?

Learn new things

Life should be all about learning. Every day we should all strive to learn something new.  From learning to fly-fish to technically challenging team building events Deeside activity park can accommodate it with no outside influences to interrupt proceedings.  It'll be fun we promise!

Party like never before!

There's nothing worse than trying to have a party in a small flat in the middle of a built-up area.  There's always someone around to spoil it by making a real mess, disrespecting your home and belonging or just complaining about the noise.  Book your next celebration at Deeside Activity Park.  Include a couple of activities and you'll have had a celebration to remember. Then you can leave us to clean up.

Bring the kids



Though we have to stress that Deeside Activity Park is not a soft play centre for your kids and you are responsible for them at all times, along with some of the more exciting, we have a number of less risky activities for them to enjoy.

Bring the dogs


Four dogs of various breeds and sizes

For as long as the dogs are well behaved and under control, and the local fouling rules are obeyed we welcome patrons with canine companions.  Feel free to walk or run them around the park in the same way as you would around the block. Guide / Helper dogs are welcome asper our accessibility policy. 

Bring the bike


motorbike on white 02

Whether you have two wheels or three, use pedal power or an engine. We know how important the weekend run is to you. Organise some activities, a convention or a barbecue and invite your gang or club to enjoy some quality biker time.